When Collin and Jenny spend an entire New Year’s Day binging #CobraKai Season 3, it causes no problems whatsoever and they thoroughly enjoy themselves...View Details

When he steps off the plane from Okinawa, little does Mr. Miyagi know that he’s unemployed and Daniel’s the target of an evil billionaire. Can you get...View Details

Our review of the #CobraKai S3 trailer is live! A snake-shaped spotlight in the distance pulls Jenny and Collin out of their workaday fugue, and they ...View Details

Gobsmacked by the new teaser for #CobraKai S3, your hosts had but a few hours to react! Will there be hot takes? Will we learn the true color of Johnn...View Details

Daniel’s done with détente when he finds Sam and Robby crashed out at Johnny’s. Meanwhile, Tory Die Hards the whole school on day one. It’s a rumble f...View Details

Cobra Kai: Pulpo Recap

Robby and Sam are ready to go public when Shannon appears, ready for rehab. The Miyagi-dos regroup at Moon Base Alpha, only to discover the Cobra Kais...View Details

With Kreese gone, Johnny asks the App Store if kicks still get chicks. Tory wins out when the karate kids clash at 80s cosplay night, but does Miguel ...View Details

Cobra Kai: Lull Recap

While Johnny finds Kreese using Quickbooks for evil, Daniel is writing checks his sensei rep can’t cash. Will his marriage go bankrupt? Can Robby and ...View Details

Back from holiday hiatus, we begin by celebrating Rob “Tommy” Garrison before reviewing some of his finest work in Season 2, Episode Six: “Take a Righ...View Details

Cobra Kai: All In Recap

Demitri’s choice of dojo puts him at odds with a newly-inked Hawk, but he’s nowhere near fighting shape. While Daniel reads Demitri’s doctor’s note, J...View Details

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